Het Nieuwe Zwart.Het Nieuwe Zwart. is an initiative by Ramona Keyner & Marina Jelavic. “Working with passion and thereby giving a new sense of confidence to our customers is in one word ‘Great’.”

After finishing her training at the School of Fashion in The Hague, Ramona worked as a freelance stylist for various fashion magazines and as a window dresser. Later she worked as a manager at Marlies Dekkers. Ramona is always busy with fashion and art, where she uncovers the most innovative color combinations and craziest inspirations. Marina is an experienced marketing woman and entrepreneurship is in her blood. She studied Small Business & Retail Management at the University of Rotterdam and has also worked at Marlies Dekkers.

In 2009 they joined forces, that’s when their styling & consultancy skills came together to start Het Nieuwe Zwart.. Reason enough for this duo to give us Style Insight on how to getaway as a ‘Weekend Traveller’ with Calor Jewelry.

  • Style Insight – Hot City Nights
  • Style Insight – Sophisticated Beachwear
  • Style Insight – Chill Out Sunday

Look 1 Hot City Nights
This outfit is suitable for a hot & sultry summer night. The outfit is sexy but the schoolgirl socks and urban beanie makes it an eclectic whole. The Miso necklace gives a geometric touch to the outfit. Yellow is the color for this summer! The printed jacket pulls all the colors together and gives the outfit an extra kick. We kept it simple with the waist belt for a beautiful silhouette.

Look 2 Sophisticated Beachwear
This set is perfect for a fashionable day at the beach. The Danielle earrings are perfect for that relaxed beach look. The 50’s bikini with a high waisted bottom makes for a perfect lascivious silhouette. The lace cover-up gives it that hippie feeling. The sunglasses are really an eyecatcher, gold fits nicely with the yellow details in the scarf and sandals. A flap hat, a good fashion book and nicely lacquered nails in the same color as your watch will make the outfit complete. Ready for the beach!

Look 3 Chill Out Sunday
This is the perfect set for a chillout Sunday in the park. The Ariane earrings give that Ibiza feel and the color turquoise makes sure you get an instant longing for summer! We’ve chosen an Aztec jacket and combined this with a preppy embroidered blouse and a pair of good high waisted shorts. Finish this off with urban accessories to create a fine clash in styles. The coral coloured boots give an extra touch to the outfit.