Style Insight by Phuong NgoPhuong was a well known Dutch fashion blogger and spent a long time blogging under the name Travel in Style. She’s hooked on travelling and has a passion for fashion. She has travelled all over the world and her blog was all about sharing her fashion adventures. Nowadays Phuong still travels frequently and her main focus lies on interior design. Her style is a mix & match of her inspiring getaways.

Phuong is a woman of the world and her unique style is best described as electric chic with an international and contemporary high fashion feeling.

Phuong tells us which colors are of this season!

  • The White Blues
  • Hint of Gray
  • Gold as Orange

Look 1 The White Blues
The combination of gray, silver & white with a nice bright color is so spring! The Léa silver earrings give the perfect subtle hint to this ‘outstanding outfit’.

Look 2 Hint of Gray
When spring comes around, it’s time to put all the dark colors in the in the closet. Still gray accessories like the Léa long gold necklace remain a great item to combine with a neon or other bright colors.

Look 2 Gold as Orange
Orange is my new favorite spring color and it just looks beautiful with gold. A wrong combination can go a little over the top, but these pretty and subtle Aimée long gold earrings or Carole necklace will do every orange outfit justice!