Wendy TroostWendy Troost is not only a beautiful and interesting person, she has the biggest collection of Calor Jewelry by far. Putting her In The Spotlight is where she actually belongs!

Wendy lives in Rotterdam and works at Unilever as Brand Manager for TONI&GUY products, a job she adores. Next to this, Wendy is also a super creative fashion designer. Together with her sister Conny she runs a fashion label called ELLIS, easy dressing for busy women.

Wendy tells us a little something about herself and why she loves Calor Jewelry.

Off the top of your head, name one thing that makes you happy…

I live in a wonderful apartment overlooking the city. I love it here, it has enough big city vibe to offer, but it isn’t too crowded.

How would you describe your sense of style?

I aim for a clean, modern look, with little bits of romance and sparkle.

How important is jewelry to you?

Very important. My jewelry and my hair finish my look.

Why do you like to wear Calor Jewelry?

The Calor pieces I own are very easy to wear and instantly finish your outfit, without being to overbearing. They are my everyday go-to jewelry.

What is your favorite piece you’ve collected up till now?

Tough question. I had been eyeing the gold coin necklace from a couple of seasons back, but I already had something similar, with a far bigger coin. But it stuck in my mind, and a friend who knew that, bought it for me. That has proven to be the most versatile necklace I own, it goes with everything. So that has been the most worn piece. The most loved has to be the delicate golden necklace with flowers that my boyfriend gave me for my 30th birthday. And pretty much all the earrings, I never leave the house without earrings.

Which piece of jewelry is on your wishlist at the moment?

There is a gold necklace with a red stone hanger, the Ninon necklace, that I cannot get out of my mind.

Do you have a special memory wearing Calor Jewelry you’d like to share with us?

When going on holiday, I pack one little box with three necklaces and three pairs of earrings, and I am done. So my Calor collection has travelled with me to many places!

Wendy Troost