Linsey Spiessens In The Spotlight

Linsey is a 23 year old student that lives in Rotterdam, who at the moment is finishing university to become a Building Engineer. Next to this Linsey has a part-time job at a consulting and research office in indoor environment.

Rotterdam has a special place in Linsey’s heart. “Rotterdam is a city where architecture has the room to experiment. I also love this city because there’s plenty to do during the summer months such as Wednesday Night Skate and so on.”

Although Linsey’s heart beats faster for the architecture in Rotterdam, the urge to travel the world and make it a better place is gaining momentum.

Off the top of your head, what are your favorite belongings?

My photo albums. I paste the pictures in an album the old-fashioned way.
I just love them, because they retain all the good memories you have gained in life.

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

Classic and casual.

Where do you shop and what brands do you like?

I like to shop all over the place, but I have my regular stores. Such as l’Atradonna, Daniele Dentici, Zara, Fleur and online stores like Orangebag. I love clothing with character, without adding too many accessoires.

How important is jewelry to you?

Jewelry has the opportunity to strengthen your identity.

You’ve been a loyal customer for a long time now. Why do you like to wear Calor Jewelry?

It’s simple, but also classy and loveable. I wear a lot of black and Calor Jewelry makes my appearance softer.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve collected up till now?

My favorite one at the moment is the Luna bracelet.

Which piece of jewelry is on your wish list at the moment?

The Isla bracelet. It’s so loveable.

Next to being a fervent jewelry lover, what drives you and where do you find inspiration?

Curiosity and always wanting to expand my knowledge. There is always something to learn.
I find my inspiration by talking with all kinds of people. Everyone has a different approach when it comes to the same subject. If you listen carefully then there is a lot to learn.

So, soon you’ll become a Building Engineer. What are some future dream projects?

After my bachelor I want to start with a master at TU Delft or a master in international development. I would like to keep myself busy with international projects in the field of sustainable development of architecture and urbanism.

Where do you travel for holidays or for weekend getaways?

I travel to many different destinations. I love getting new impressions and I also find it very interesting to see and experience different cultures and countries. In December ’13, I went to Burundi, Africa with my boyfriend.

Wow, Africa! What were your favorite places in Burundi?

We stayed in the capital Bujumbura. I think every place in the country is great. Truly a beautiful country and well worth seeing. Therefore, we’re planning to go back and visit more countries.

Linsey Spiessens In The Spotlight

Is there anything special you have experienced during the time spent there?

I found out that I want to contribute to the further development of such countries after my studies. In these countries you can really make a difference.

Finally, how would you describe happiness?

Happiness is that your body and mind be in balance and your loved ones surround you.